Monday, April 22, 2013

Wild As Tiger Op Art

tiger head op art black and white
Serotonin is one of the well known natural chemicals that are present in every person and the more that is produced the more feel good feeling a person has. One of the main ways of increasing serotonin naturally is to pet a cat or a dog, in fact petting a cat is much better because of the sedentary nature of the cat and the full love and attention a cat can give to its owner. Why is this associated with online casinos, well the production of serotonin when playing casino games online will lead to better decisions made by the player and that will lead to better results. When playing casino games at an online casino players can choose when they play and where they play the games, whether they are playing at a downloadable casino or one that is a flash version i.e. does not need downloading. There is no entrance fee and the online casino does not stop players from having their cats, dogs, birds and anyone else next to them as they play. Having a cat next to player when he plays slots is very beneficial to the player, he can stroke the cat with one hand and click on the different betting and spin options with his other hand. And, where there is the option of auto play, he can also opt for that and sit back cuddling his cat as the reels spin around the slots game.

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