Thursday, May 30, 2013

Playing the ipad cat

Multi tasking is not for everyone, especially when talking about the male population who are not known for their skillsin multi tasking but when talking about online casinos and the games offered, there is a certain amount of multi tasking involved. Online casino players are comfortable in front of their computer screens where they can try out games for fun or practice before placing real money bets. Players only really need one hand for playing the online casino games which is used for controlling the computer mouse. The other hand is free to grasp a steaming cup of coffee or eat a sandwich or in the case of cat lovers to pet their favorite cat. In fact cats are a good companion for online casino games, not only do they provide company but are also thought of as a lucky charm in many countries together with offering some great therapeutic qualities. The action of petting a cat is very calming for many people and it has been proven that petting a cat can in fact lower the blood pressure of people that suffer from high blood pressure. Owning and caring for a cat can also increase the feel good drug in the body called Seretonin.
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