Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wild Cat Casino Art - Animated GIF and a maze

cute kitten gif
If you're a cat fancier you are probably familiar with this scene. You're sitting at the kitchen table, blithely working on your word jumble or crossword puzzle when the cat jumps on your paper or knocks the pen out of your hand. She wants some attention but you've already nuzzled her, stroked her tummy and scratched her ears and now it's time for you to enjoy some downtime. Cats don't often crave attention but when your kitty wants you to tend to her needs, let her sit down in your lap and enjoy the high definition graphics and alluring animations of the online casino as you play your favorite casino games. If you prefer to wander out to the backyard you can play on your mobile device but if you want to play from the comfort of your living room armchair, download the casino software into your desktop or laptop PC and play directly on your home console while the cat gazes peacefully at the monitor. There are numerous game options at the online casino including table games, card games, online lotteries and online slots. If you'd like to play on the slot machines you can choose a three-reel classic slots or a themed five-reel video slots with storylines of adventure, romance, mystery, mysticism, comedy, mythology, intrigue, magic, science fiction and more. There are multiple video slot options such as the mega-spin slots, the fruit machine slots, the 243 Ways to Win slots, the multi-payline slots and the progressive jackpot slots.
Maze of Kitten - Click to view maze solution

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